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I think therefore IB

        KIS International School    The IB is a non-profit educational foundation founded in 1968 with headquarters in
      is authorized to offer three  Geneva, Switzerland. The IB currently work with around 3,500 schools in more than 140
   well-established international   countries to offer coordinated programmes to authorized schools with a continuum of
programmes of theInternational      education from early years to pre-university which includes:

               Baccalaureate (IB).  The Primary Years Programme — for students 3 - 11 years old
                                    The Middle Years Programme — for students 11-16 years old
                                    The Diploma Programme — for students 16-18 years old

                                    Our students follow the Primary Years Programme from Early Years to Grade 5. From
                                    Grade 6 to Grade 10 students follow the Middle Years Programme. The two year IB
                                    Diploma Programme, recognized and welcomed by leading colleges and universities
                                    worldwide, begins in Grade 11. All programmes are taught on one spacious campus,
                                    in separate purpose-built facilities, allowing students to experience the excitement of
                                    moving to a new school while ensuring the transition from Primary to Secondary School
                                    runs smoothly. The KIS IB curriculum is truly international, created by academics and
                                    independent of the political influences of national governments. It not only provides an
                                    in-depth global perspective, but also facilitates a smooth transition for expatriate students
                                    when moving on or returning to their home countries.

                                    All IB programmes are learner-centred and inquiry-based - meaning teaching begins with,
                                    and builds on, the curiosity of the students, their capacity to understand the materials and
                                    the questions they ask. Using students’ natural curiosity and creativity, the IB emphasizes
                                    a dynamic and rigorous combination of content, skills, independent critical thought and
                                    international understanding that encourages students to become active, compassionate,
                                    lifelong learners and responsible world citizens.

                                    Our academic staff are a dedicated community of professional learners who actively
                                    engage in education and apply the principles and best practices of IB World Schools.
                                    We are extremely proud to call ourselves an exemplary IB World School, thanks to
                                    the number of highly trained and knowledgeable professionals within our teaching
                                    body. Some of the roles within the IB Organization currently or previously held by KIS
                                    academic staff include:
                                    • A place on the Board of Directors of the IB
                                    • Chair of the global IB Heads Council
                                    • IB DP Examiners
                                    • IB MYP Moderators
                                    • IB Workshop Leaders
                                    • IB Professional Development Evaluators
                                    • Representatives of the IB in PYP and MYP authorizations
                                    • Participants in the MYP new curriculum development
                                    • Implementers of pilots for new MYP curriculums and other developments.

                                    It is a source of great pride that our teachers and programmes have received both formal
                                    and informal recognition from the IB, and that the IB have entrusted so many of our
                                    academic team to be their ambassadors and representatives. We consider ourselves as part
                                    of a transformation in education that puts knowledge, inspiration and spirit into every
                                    aspect of students’ lives, preparing them to be the thinkers and problem solvers of their
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