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Leadership Perspectives

                     Head of School Sally Holloway

                              It has been my great professional and personal pleasure to be a part of KIS International
                              School since our inception in 1998. Using the IB programme and sharing best practice
                              with our partner school WIS (Washington International School), we’ve created a
                              collaborative, creative and challenging environment for learning.
                              All students, teachers and staff take great pride in our school and feel a real sense of
                              ownership that inspires a dedication to learning. Our commitment to education is further
                              exemplified by KIS’ support of other schools. We welcome visitors who are interested in
                              the KIS model of an IB school - community based with strong global awareness.

                     Primary Principal June van den Bos

                              A diverse learning community committed to cooperation, collaboration and action
                              flourishes here at KIS. Under the umbrella of the Primary Years Programme (PYP)
                              children develop a positive attitude towards education as they build upon the confidence
                              and skills necessary to be successful life long learners. KIS students learn to express
                              themselves, inquire and question, and take academic risks that challenge them to achieve
                              their personal best.
                              Students are encouraged to take ownership of their own learning by repeatedly reflecting
                              on their attitude, performance and behaviour. Teachers carefully assess and guide students
                              in setting personal goals to continually improve upon their experiences.

                     Secondary Principal Michael Hirsch

                              KIS Secondary School encompasses Grades 6 to 12, a period of intense physical,
                              emotional and cognitive change. Without doubt, we firmly believe the IB Middle Years
                              and Diploma Programmes best serve the needs of this age student, both within the
                              classroom and beyond.
                              The MYP and DP curriculums continue the holistic and inquiry-based learning
                              approaches of the PYP, while becoming increasingly more concept and application
                              focused. In these programmes students don’t merely sit tests; they are also required
                              to use their skills and knowledge to take action solving real life problems in their
                              community. Our teachers, working together, implement the IB programmes to create an
                              active, relevant, and rigorous education that is second to none, resulting in well balanced
                              students who are knowledgeable, skilled, and confident enough to take on future

Our collaborative academic team is a source of inspiration for students.
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