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Knowledge Inspiration Spirit

  When you walk through the        Knowledge
     doors of KIS International
    School you feel the thrill of  The dynamic curriculum offered at KIS is enriched by a well rounded, global perspective.
                                   As an authorized IB World school accredited by CIS (Council of International Schools),
discovery, the comfort of home     we are continually assessed and mindful of our mission to challenge students to become
  and the desire to know more.     responsible and valuable world citizens. We develop within students the tools, experiences
            Welcome to the KIS     and support needed to pursue all their goals - be they academic, social, physical, or
                      community.   emotional. Our students master rigorous academic challenges in math, science,
                                   technology, languages, literature and social sciences and our international focus helps
                                   them tackle broader challenges beyond the classroom.
                                   We work continually to instill strong values about education and personal development in
                                   all students. The content of our curriculum links and integrates into every part of students’
                                   lives making learning both meaningful and fulfilling, while simultaneously fuelling their
                                   desire to learn and understand more.


                                   Located just minutes away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Bangkok, our green
                                   open spaces and outstanding facilities are within a secure village setting and inspire
                                   students and staff alike in their pursuit of an international education. The buzz of
                                   enthusiasm, enjoyment and encouragement fostered by our teachers, who act as facilitators
                                   and mentors, empowers students to take ownership of their education. The inquiry driven
                                   and transdisciplinary themes of the International Baccalaureate programmes give students
                                   a breadth of knowledge that allows them to create opportunities out of challenges and
                                   inspires solutions-based thinking.


                                   At KIS there is a spirit that flows through the entire school uniting a team of teachers,
                                   staff, administrators and parents who work together to support student success. By being
                                   continually proactive as a group our community flourishes, and through the support of
                                   our community our students flourish, enabling them to work collectively and individually
                                   in the pursuit of their ideals.
                                   The strengths of our school are clear, abundant and outlined in the rest of this booklet.
                                   Please read on to gain an insight into our school and community.

Creating a thirst for knowledge that stays with students for life!
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