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The annual amounts building levies are as follows-

 Non-Fiji Citizen  - $3,000 per student. (Reception - Year 12)
 Non-Fiji Citizen  - $500 per student. (Discovery - ECH 2)
 Fiji Citizens     - $500 per student. (Discovery - Year 12)

A non-refundable, enrolment fee is required to be paid for each newly-enrolled student before they
start in class. A copy of the passport and birth certificate must be attached with the enrolment form.

 Non-Fiji Citizen  - $5,000 per student. (Reception - Year 12)
 Non-Fiji Citizen  - $2,500 per student. (Discovery - ECH2) however upon

 Fiji citizen               commencing reception, full enrolment fee is to be paid.
                    - $2,500 per student. (Discovery - Year 12)

All examination fees and registration fees for IGCSE (Cambridge), PYP, IB Diploma and ACT are paid by
the school. Please note that fees for ICAS examinations or any other competitions are not covered by
school fees.

School fees for 2015 are set out on the attached Fee Schedule. If you have any queries or require
further information please contact the Business Manager or the Principal by telephone, 339 3300, or
by email to

Please note that the school fee is made up of several components:

Tuition Fee         - for class tuition which varies between year levels.

Education Levy      - this levy covers all other expenses incurred as part of the

                    Education program. This includes such things as camps,

                    excursions, school magazine, school diary and examination fees.

Materials Levy      - materials for school are supplied

Technology Levy - for the development and ongoing upgrade of technology services.

Textbook Levy       - the school supplies textbooks for students.

ESL Levy            - 10% of the total fee based on the year level for new students

                    requiring Stage 1 and 2 of the intensive English course.


All new students entering the school will be expected to pay the Standard Fee. However, consideration
for a concessional fee, currently standing at 70% of the tuition fee with all other fees and levies paid at
the full rate, will be given to families who apply to the Principal. However, please note that the full fee
is to be paid while the application is under process. Application for the concessional fee will only be
considered on the production of the necessary financial information and documentation as supplied by
the applicant and all fee concessions are reviewed annually. Please note that NO concession is
available on fees for Discovery, ECH1 and ECH2.

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