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B. Primary
Karen Whittaker is the Head of the Primary School, she is assisted by Shelly Forbes as Deputy Head of Primary,
Rosi Uluiviti as PYP Coordinator and the Area Coordinators.

     Discovery
         The Discovery programme runs from 8am – 11.00 am, Monday to Friday.

     Early Childhood 1
         The Early Childhood 1 programme run from 8am – 1pm, Monday to Friday.

     Early Childhood 2 to Year 5
         These programmes run from 8am – 2.30pm Monday - Friday

Primary Stationery and school materials
All primary stationery and school materials are supplied through the classroom teacher. There is no need for
parents to make separate purchases for exercise books, text books or writing materials to start the year.

C. Secondary
Megan Navunisaravi is Head of High School and she deals with all student matters related to the high school
(Years 9 to Year 12). She is assisted by the Year Coordinators, Heads of Department and Curriculum
Coordinators: Alexandra Karountzos (IBDP Coordinator), Jeshneel Chandra (ACT Coordinator) and Apisalome
Damuyawa (IGCSE Coordinator). Mere Fong is Head of Middle School. She is assisted by the Middle School
Coordinator and Year Coordinators.
 Secondary Textbooks

    Students will receive textbooks through the Library. Students are expected to return their textbooks at the
    end of the school year and will be charged for missing or damaged books.

 Secondary Stationery
    Secondary students are expected to provide their own stationery. A list is available from the Business office
    on enrolment.

 Secondary locker procedures
    Each student is responsible for the security of his/her locker and must ensure it is locked at all times. Lockers
    which are found unlocked will be locked. Students will be required to pay a re-opening fee of $3.


The School Fee is mainly an inclusive fee meaning most charges are covered by the fees. There are no
additional costs associated with attendance at the school other than enrolment fee, bus fees, building
levy, personal stationery, some school activities and school uniforms.

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