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A. General

(i) School Uniform

It is an expectation that all students wear correct uniform. Students will receive warning letters if they are not in
the correct uniform; they may also be sent home if this continues. School sandals should have a back strap and
provide support over the top of the foot. Black shoes and white socks may also be worn but sandals must be
worn with sulus. Shorts may be worn as an alternative to the sulu and skirt except for formal school functions
such as Secondary Presentation Evening.

(ii) Timing of the school day

Secondary Bell Times  Primary Bell Times

Time   Activity       Time   Activity

07:50  Pastoral       07.55  Warning bell

08:00  Lessons start  08.00  Lessons start

10:00  Recess         09.45  Recess

10.20  Lessons start  10.15  Lessons start

12.20  Lunch          11.45  Lunch

13.10  Lessons start  12.40  Warning bell

14:30  End of school  12.45  Lessons start

                      14.30  End of school

(iii) Policy on the use of Mobile phones/iPods/head-jacks/Electronic devices in school
    1. Mobile phones and electronic devices must be registered at the primary or secondary office.

2. Mobile phones must be switched off, out of sight and inactive during the school day unless
      permission is given by classroom teacher to have the device on. The mobile phone must then be used
     for the express purpose of aiding student learning and data use should comply with the conditions set
     out within the Acceptable Use Policy for electronic devices at school. Any student found using a mobile
     phone between 7.45am and 2.30pm for purposes other than student learning will have the phone
     confiscated. This may result in the student not being permitted to bring a phone to school again. A
     confiscated phone must be collected by a parent.

3. Students needing to use their mobile phone during the school day should do so in the primary or
     secondary office, once permission has been obtained from one of the Heads of School.

(iv) Canteen
There is a small canteen at the school where students can order and purchase hot and cold snacks and meals.
The opening hours are from 6.30am to 3.30pm. Primary students fill in lunch orders in the morning and their
order is brought to their classroom. Secondary students are advised to order lunch before recess.

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