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Parents, guardians and teachers have one important trait in
common, that being that we all want the best for our children
and students. These young people spend much of their life in
school and at International School Suva we strive to make this
a happy place where they want to come every day.

Whilst academic achievement is important, and we are proud
of the achievement of our students, this is not the only
measure of success. We want students at International School
Suva not to go through life watching from the sidelines but
instead to take on new challenges head-on with courage and
commitment. They are taught to question their actions and to
reflect on what they want to achieve, and to then take action
to achieve these goals.

We believe that all students from our youngest to our eldest
have the potential to bring about positive change at home, in
their communities and further afield. We work to make
International School Suva a safe place where students can
test out their ideas with the support of their teachers and

Whether it is in the classroom, on the sporting field, as part of
service, on camp or on the stage we believe in providing
opportunities for students to stretch themselves and for them
to realise their potential. We expect a lot from our students
and through this they start to expect a lot from themselves.
Everyone can do more than they think and we aim to show
our students what is possible.

Thank you for your interest in International School Suva and I
hope you want to find out more.

Anna Marsden
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