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Welcome to the International
School Ho Chi Minh City -
American Academy

The International School Ho Chi Minh City (ISHCMC) -             Our highly qualified teachers are student-focused teaching
American Academy offers a comprehensive and robust               students to be collaborative, critical thinkers, effective
academic program built upon the principles and standards         communicators, community contributors and self-directed
of the American education system. Our rigorous American          learners. We believe all students have special areas of interest
curriculum is designed to inspire our students to become         and talents, and at ISHCMC – American Academy these
successful lifelong learners and responsible global citizens.    are identified, developed and supported within our Gifted
With this comprehensive academic program, we offer our           Education Program.
students the opportunity to achieve future success at US and
international universities.                                      We provide a challenging yet caring learning environment for
                                                                 our students, catering to the needs of expatriate and national
An American accredited curriculum which includes Advanced        students alike.
Placement (AP) courses is taught in the English language
by highly qualified teachers and Adjunct Professors from          I hope that you will take the opportunity to contact me
Syracuse University. To ensure students also have a strong       and others in our school community to gain a deeper
foundation in the host country language and culture, we          understanding of our program. And of course we hope that
include subjects in Vietnamese literature, geography and         you can visit us to learn first-hand what sets us apart in the
history. To develop their interests and abilities, we provide a  world of education.
robust program of extra-curricular activities which includes
sports, music, drama and special interest clubs. Additionally,   Mr. Eric Hamilton
community service opportunities are offered to create social     Principal ISHCMC – American Academy
awareness and a sense of global responsibility.

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