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Admissions Information & procedure

Admissions Policy                                             exam and pay the full developmental levy as it is
                                                              stipulated at the time of return. Pupils who exit and wish
ADMISSION POLICY                                              to return after a term need to take a full entrance exam but
Admission Policy is the criteria for compliance to secure     without having to repay the development levy, as long as
admission into the school.                                    a written arrangement has been made with the school.

ADMISSION & AGE REQUIREMENTS -                                Topics list / Scheme of learning with the names of
RECEPTION                                                     recommended textbooks or any other useful references
 Pupils seeking admission into reception classes             would be given to students as they submit their
must have attained the age of 4 byAugust 31st of the year     application forms.
of admission,
 Parents must submit the following documents                 A pupil who wishes to enter reception must take a School
                                                              Readiness Assessment. Pupils seeking admission into
    together with a completed admission form:                 Year 1 to Year 10 must take an entrance exam, which
o A photocopy (and original for sighting) of pupil's          would be arranged with theAdmission Officer.

    birth certificate                                         Subjects for examination by Primary Pupils
              o Aphotocopy of immunisation records             Literacy
              o Evidence of payment of admission form          Numeracy
                   (receipt obtained from the school           Science
               Readiness Tests into Reception classes
                   are conducted in the month of February.

The criteria for admission into secondary school are:

         Age - The child must be 11 years by August 31st
         of the year of entry and must have completed
         Year 6.
         It is obligatory for all pupils to have completed
         the English National Curriculum year 6 syllabus
         to gain entry into the secondary school
         irrespective of the year they wish to enter. upils
         found to have contravened this requirement will
         be requested to withdraw from the school.
 An ADMISSION form must be
         collected from the admissions office,
         completed, and submitted before the entrance
    exam date.
         Achieve 65% in the end of session exams.
         Achieve 65% in the Entrance Exam.
         Grange School has limited spaces for pupils
         whom English is a Foreign

It is to be noted that entry into the Secondary School
Phase, for pupils in Grange Primary Phase is not
automatic and that all policies, regulations and
procedures are to be followed for admission.
The Entrance Exam is made up of 70% of the work taught
up to and including the year the pupil has completed in
school. The School reserves the right to include up to
30% broad General Knowledge questions in any entrance

Grange students who exit the School at any point and
apply to return in another class must take the full entrance

Grange School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expects all staff and
     volunteers to share this commitment. The school has four child protection officers in addition to the one in the House.
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