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Our Mission

We provide an outstanding education to students in an inclusive and nurturing learning
environment. We seek to inspire and empower students to succeed in fulfilling their
individual potential in a rapidly changing world.

Our Aims

•	 To promote a culture of excellence in teaching and learning.
•	 To provide an individualised and personalised approach to learning together with small

   class sizes and flexible teaching methods.
•	 To provide a broad and balanced curriculum that reflects the international nature of the

   DBIS student community.
•	 To ensure a supportive, happy and secure environment for learning.
•	 To develop leadership skills and a sense of service to others through a range of extra

   curricular opportunities locally and internationally.
•	 To encourage the physical and emotional wellbeing of each individual.
•	 To use innovative pedagogy and technology to enrich learning.
•	 To work in partnership with parents, alumni, the local and wider community in the

   ongoing development of the school.
•	 To foster a learning community where every student, teacher, staff member, parent and

   DBIS alumni has an ongoing passion for learning.

                                   The DBIS community
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