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Senior Secondary Programs:
    1. WA Universities’ Foundation Program is the equivalent to Year 12 and
         successful completion provides students with a guaranteed place at one
         of WA’s excellent public universities – The University of Western Australia,
         Curtin University of Technology. Murdoch University and Edith Cowan
         University. The Foundation program is also accepted by universities
         throughout Australia and overseas.
         The extensive selection of subjects provides students with the opportunity
         to prepare for any university course such as medicine, engineering,
         commerce, pharmacy, law, sciences (all areas), computing etc.
         The program is available for entry in January or April each year. Admission
         is based on English proficiency (IELTS 5.5 or equivalent) and academic
         background – equivalent to a pass at Year 11 level.
         Curtin Stream Foundation Program is designed for students wanting to
         proceed to a undergraduate course at Curtin.
    2. Year 12 WACE is the course local students undertake to matriculate to
         university and is available to international students. It is also offered in a
         January or April entry mode. The Year 12 WACE program offers a wider
         selection of subjects than the Foundation program, especially in the
         arts/humanities area.
         Year 12 WACE also provides students with pathways to vocational courses
         at TAFEWA.
         Admission, as above.

    A range of Western Australian government Department of Education and
    Training academic awards are offered to top students entering a Foundation or
    Year 12 WACE Program. Contact Canning College for further information.

    Final results in both programs are determined by a combination of
    College marks and performance in a final external examination.

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    3. Bridging Programs (including Year 11 Bridging to Foundation) are
         available for students requiring academic and/or English language
         upgrading. The length of the course depends on the individual needs of the
         student. Entry dates are available in January, April, July, September and
         Subjects offered are at Year 11 level and relate to those offered in
         Foundation and Year 12 programs.
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