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CATERING TO YOUR CHILD’S EDUCATIONAL NEEDS                                                                                                              AL NOOR INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL

It all started with a very humble programme of classes for pre-primary and primary levels in line with modern                                                                               MULTI-OPTIONAL CURRICULAR
educational methodology. Al Noor International School has consistently maintained a very high standard of                                                                                   PROGRAMMES
education. Over the years, the School has expanded to cater for the educational needs of children representing                                                                              Al Noor prides itself on the successful
more than 34 nationalities.                                                                                                                                                                 establishment of a unique tri-curricular
                                                                                                                                                                                            programme. Through this, students, on
      The Foundation                                     We see education as a powerful tool that                                                                                           completion of the KG Section, are able
                                                         develops strong, sound personalities, capable                                                                                      to choose one of the three curricula
Al Noor International School, established in             of making the world a better place. Our                                                                                            offered: British, Bahraini and Indian.
September 1993, is a private educational                 ultimate aim is to inculcate human, social and                                                                                     Thus, the students are educated in a
institution with a team of highly motivated              ethical values thereby preparing students for                                                                                      system best suited to their needs and
educational enthusiasts.                                 effective citizenship.                                                                                                             abilities.

                                                         Al Noor International School has designated     Each curriculum has separate facilities with    ?
                                                         sections for British, Bahraini National and     dedicated teachers devoted to the individual
                                                         Indian curricula as well as a separate          sections. Al Noor, in fact, can be likened to
                                                         Kindergarten (Infant School) section. Children  four schools within a single complex, with
                                                         have the option to select the educational       each school having its own distinct identity.
                                                         system best suited to their objectives, needs
                                                         and future plans.

                 Objectives                                                                                                                             Giving your child

      The primary objective of the School is to                                                                                                         a headstart in
      provide quality education of a high international
      standard to the children of various nationalities                                                                                                 the modern era of
      in Bahrain. It is our strong belief that the
      harmonious co-existence of the children of                                                                                                        technology
      different nationalities and cultures enables
      us to promote effective international                                                                                                                                                                                           7
      understanding. Students get to share
      universal truths, cultural norms, traditions,
      beliefs and customs, thus developing a
      mutual sense of unity. We aim to make the
      learning process a pleasure, both intellectually
      and emotionally.

           For a seed to
     germinate, the soil

       must be fertile...
     Similarly a child’s
     mind grows when
     he or she is in the
     right environment.

             At Al Noor
     School, we provide
     this environment.

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