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Kindergarten to Year 6

The Essential Elements of the                                              At the heart of the Primary Years Programme philosophy is a
                 C urr i cu lu m                                           commitment to inquiry as an ideal vehicle for learning. These
                                                                           subject areas are guided by a series of organising themes that inquire
The diagram below illustrates the organisation of our curriculum           into the following:
based around the student learner who is situated at the centre of the
model as well as the subjects to be taught.                                n Who we are  	 n Where we are in place and time

At the centre of the diagram is the inquiring learner. Students            n How the world works 	 n How we express ourselves
should understand important concepts, develop a broad range of
skills, adopt positive attitudes to learning and act responsibly, based    n Sharing the planet	 n How we organise ourselves
on their learning.
                                                                           Together these subject areas elicit ideas of local and global significance
           Sharing the planet             Who we are                       and reveal commonalities that all people share no matter what their
                                                                           backgrounds are or where they live. ACG International School
                               Languages                                   Jakarta provides an excellent base for future development and
                                                                           learning. It is a stimulating and productive environment where the
                 Personal,                       Social                    teamwork between teachers and students develops a positive work
               social &                          studies                   ethic and a lifelong love of learning.
           education           Concepts   Skills                           Students from Year 4 to Year 10 participate in the International
                                                                           Schools Assessment each February which evaluates their knowledge
 How we             Actions                                  Where we      of Literacy and Numeracy comprehension. Each student receives
 organise                                                    are in place  an Individual Report Card which benchmarks them against
ourselves                                                    and time      international students at hundreds of schools across Asia.

           Science &           Attitudes  Mathematics


             How the                           How we
           world works                    express ourselves

The six Primary Years Programme subject areas are:

n Languages 	       n Mathematics
n Social Studies 	  n Science and Technology
n The Arts 	        n Personal Social and Physical Education
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