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Our Vision and Values

                      The ACG Way                                       A dedicated group of professional educators is committed to
                                                                        creating a school that focuses clearly on the learning needs of its
ACG International School Jakarta offers the best of a demanding         students.
and academic education, from Kindergarten to Year 11, in an
environment where scholarly achievement and understanding of            The importance of team work, developing a love of learning
others is valued. It is a school where young people are encouraged      and active encouragement of the pursuits of excellence and
and challenged to meet both their academic and personal potential.      achievement are held in the highest regard. We approach education
Our student-focused approach to education has shaped and                at a special level where the primary focus is on the needs of the
defined the core values that are central to the School.                 individual student. We personalise the learning experience by
                                                                        tailoring programmes to meet each student’s needs and which
These are:	                                                             reflect their ability and prior learning.

Learning is the central activity.                                       The curriculum is designed to prepare and challenge young people
The School promotes thinking and knowledge, intercultural               in a fast-developing global environment. We aim to develop
understanding and respect.                                              inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who will
                                                                        become creative and independent contributors and leaders in this
A student focus.                                                        global community of the 21st century.
Assessment of each individual’s capabilities forms the basis of skills
taught and learning programmes devised.                                   Opening Minds and Opportunities

Quality and excellence.                                                 Our dedication to developing the individual is reflected in our
Outstanding teaching and sporting facilities encourage inquiry,         after-school activities. These include a wide range of sporting and
investigation, exploration and play, both in and out of doors.          cultural opportunities, such as football, swimming, horse riding
Committed, trained and caring teachers inspire young people to learn    and arts and craft. Secondary students have the opportunity to
and work in partnership.                                                attend afternoon homework sessions where they receive individual
                                                                        tuition from the teachers. Students are encouraged to take an
Respect                                                                 active role in school leadership opportunities. The School has an
Respect for and understanding of global citizenship, appreciation of    active student council, a school captain and house sports captains.
our own and others’ cultures and traditions are the values promoted     Primary students lead the regular Friday morning assembly where
in the School.                                                          parents are welcome. ACG International School Jakarta is an
                                                                        active member of JASIS (Java Association of Small International
ACG International School Jakarta aims at providing:                     Schools), which provides numerous opportunities for our students
                                                                        to compete in a variety of sporting, social and cultural events with
n Excellent academic outcomes from quality teaching                     students from other international schools.
n A superior quality of service
                                                                        The School provides excellent English language teaching.
  Creating Challenges and Choice                                        Students whose first language is not English will be assessed and
                                                                        provided with a suitable course to meet their English needs. ACG
ACG International School Jakarta provides a dynamic learning            International School Jakarta is committed to meeting the needs
environment that helps students to enjoy their studies and inspires     of fluent speakers who need to progress without hindrance and to
them to be lifelong learners. We strive to offer international “best
practice” in all we do to ensure that we prepare our students to                                       separately meet the needs of students
achieve in their lives - both now and in the future.                                                   who require English language support.

                                                                                                       All students access Lexia and Reading
                                                                                                        Plus which are individual online
                                                                                                        programmes to develop their English
                                                                                                        skills and comprehension.

                                                                                                         Our pastoral systems provide active
                                                                                                         support based on strong ties between
                                                                                                          family and school.

                                                                                                          We place high value on ensuring a
                                                                                                          secure environment in which each
                                                                                                           student is accepted and understood.
                                                                                                           Through top quality teaching, well-
                                                                                                           equipped classrooms, landscaped
                                                                                                            outdoor areas and a caring

                                                                                                            environment, ACG International
                                                                                                            School Jakarta offers a modern,
                                                                                                            safe and highly stimulating place
                                                                                                             to learn.
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