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Introducing ACG

                    THE ACG GROUP                                    The campus was developed to provide a continuous educational
                                                                     path, from Kindergarten to Year 11, in a spacious natural
ACG International School Jakarta is a member of the Academic         environment with excellent facilities. The School stretches back
Colleges Group (ACG) - a leading independent provider of             past classrooms and learning facilities to playing areas, a covered
kindergartens, schools and pre-university courses. To cater for      basketball court and swimming pools.
the needs of the individual learner, ACG has developed a range
of schools for young people. Thousands of families have put          The curriculum and assessment includes the International
their trust in ACG to provide a world-class education. ACG’s         Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Programme (PYP) in
ten Schools and Colleges have been developed to offer the best       Kindergarten and the Primary School, and the University of
educational pathways that lead to respected universities and to      Cambridge International Lower Secondary programme in the
other International Schools around the world.                        Middle School, leading to Checkpoint assessment in Year 9 and
                                                                     IGCSE in Year 11. Years 12 and 13 will be introduced soon and will
ACG is also part of a worldwide network of schools that are          offer the Cambridge International AS and A2 levels.
connected to the International Baccalaureate Organisation
(IBO) and the University of Cambridge through curriculum and         Six new spacious classrooms were developed for the lower primary
assessment programmes.                                               levels in 2011. A new four-story administration and nine classroom
                                                                     building was recently completed, with further expansion underway.
              Examination Success                                    This expansion includes 16 classrooms, a multi-purpose gymnasium
                                                                     and covered canteen.
ACG has a well-established record of academic performance. Our
students have achieved outstanding results, both individually and    ACG International School is a place where sincere relationships,
against international academic standards. Since ACG Schools                       strong qualifications and high professionalism blend
introduced the Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) in                            together to produce an enduring commitment to,
2002, our students have achieved over 180 top awards in their                             and enjoyment of, learning.
                                                                                            Young people who seek to achieve, who relish
                   Proven Quality                                                            challenges and who are committed to being
                                                                                              the best they possibly can be - deserve the very
Excellent student outcomes are achieved through high quality                                  best we can offer.
teaching and a diversified curriculum that is international in
outlook. All students are profiled using international benchmarking                            We look forward to welcoming you to ACG
in literacy, language and numeracy. This ensures that individual                               International School Jakarta.
student needs are met and enables value-added performance to
be measured. This also provides students and parents with an                                        Mission Statement
internationally portable academic profile.
                                                                                                         ACG International School Jakarta
 ACG International School Jakarta                                                                        strives to maximise each student’s
                                                                                                          learning potential within a caring
ACG International School is conveniently located in South Jakarta                                         and supportive environment. We
and is easily accessible from the Ring Road, with safely controlled                                       aim to encourage responsible global
entry and exit, low visibility and no perimeter roads.                                                    citizens who contribute positively

                                                                                                           to our dynamic world.
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